I myself play guitar, bass guitar, trombone, baritone, tuba, and a little bit of piano.

How about you?

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Flute, mellophone, and slowly learning guitar (thanks, Brandon) : )
It doesn't matter if you have the most amazing voice or the worst voice ever, just as long as you have fun doing it and do it for the love of music.

Keep on singing my friend.
One option is to buy the right gear. :-) I picked up a TC-Helicon "Voice Live" vocal processor and am pretty stoked with it. No I don't sell them. A bit spendy. Real-time variable pitch correction, compressor, eq, standard fx like verb, delay, etc. plus an intelligent programmable harmonizer. It won't make a bad voice sound good but it'll make a decent voice sound better, a good voice sound great and a great voice sound stunning. Better living through technology!
I want one of those. I love harmonizers. You should check out Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek for a beautiful use of one.
I don't find her voice that particular though. I lover her side project Frou Frou but that's more from a musical point of view. I like their 80s synth pop flick blending more pop-alike music with electronica and other influences.
I play the Guitar, would love to learn another instrument and probably will if I get the time =D
I definitely think you should learn as many as possible.

I have the most fun playing everything i play whether im the best at it or not.

So just have fun with it.
Oh,I agree. Once you learn one instrument,it's easy to learn another and another.
I play the penny whistle,hammer dulcimer and the mandolin.
took 6 years of piano lessons, played trumpet in concert band from 5th-11th grade, and started to learn to produce music in FLStudio around 2001. And I'm not sure if anyone would count this as an instrument, but I started DJing with mp3s and creating mixes in AtomixMP3 around 2004.
Bassoon. I play in (and am current chairman of the board of) a 65 piece community band. I played the alto sax in marching band and jazz band in high school - many many moons ago.
Guitar, vocals, 6 string fretless bass, djembe & percussion, a bit of mandolin & dobro, enough keys to lay down pads & simple parts on our recordings. These days am also very into programming with Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason and I still use Sonar for more traditional linear recording. Hell, even a good drum circle can be a lot of fun!
Bassoon - woo hoo! Us bassoonists are just a dime a dozen these days...




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