I myself play guitar, bass guitar, trombone, baritone, tuba, and a little bit of piano.

How about you?

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Bass is my main instrument for 35 years now- (almost no upright bass though). Also some guitar, drums, digeridoo, tabla drums, keyboards, and other assorted noise making devices.

My two basses


My Micheal Tobias Design 5-string 

My fretless Jazz Bass I had built back in '81 or '82- I did the artwork on the back in '95. No actual Fender parts on it.


Love the artwork! B-E-A-utiful

Saxophone, Marching percussion, drumset, a bit of mallet percussion

Hello Everyone,

    My name is Ron. I play the Double Bass.

I play guitar, keyboard, and bass. I also play drums, but only at a very basic level. I am better at programming a drum machine. I am new here, so "hello" to all.

I play Guitar, Bass Guitar (My '71 Harmony H22/1 pictured above) and compose. I have uploaded 3 of my compositions from my unreleased CD called "The Speed Of Dark" to my profile.

I also wrote the soundtracks to the film "Bobby Speaking" and the documentary "Le Strade Di Parma (The Streets Of Parma)"

Hello! I play bass, cello and french horn... and I just moved to PA from the buckle of the bible belt, aka Nashville... where mentioning you don't believe can get you blacklisted and homeless.

Guitar, lapsteel, mandolin, Dobro, fretless bass, upright bass, Turkish saz, Syrian oud, Chinese pipa, Chapman Stick, harmonium, piano, Hammond organ, guitar synth, m'biri, flute.

I started playing 5 y/o ('67), professionally from '76, did my last studio session in 2010, and haven't played since.

I play a bunch of instruments not very well, guitar since I was about 14, but in recent years I have bought some dulcimers, and I am really fond of them.

My voice is my instrument, but I also play guitar & harmonica ;-}

Hi Brandon;

Great to be among fellow reality-based humans!  And fellow musician too?  Excellent!  I play drums, mostly as a hobby for a number of years, been in a few small bands.  Really into jammy-music; finding a groove and letting what happens, happen.

Thanks again,

Take Care,

George B.




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