Where and what kind of music do you play? I am always interested in hearing new live music, anyone in western NY?

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Jason, very nice. A bit heavy for my tastes but the music is tight and interesting.
Anything like this?
Hey man, there is nothing wrong with doing your own thing. It can be tough to find the right group of people to play music with as everyone has their own opinions on how things should sound, and there is always the inflated ego problem that lead singers tend to be most susceptible to. Ultimately you only really need to play for you...
I'm another currently-bandless musician. While I'd rather do my woodshedding in seclusion, I miss a). the camaraderie of playing with a group, and b). the thrill of sharing a performance with an appreciative audience.
Nope. Not in a band or other musical group atm. Probably never will be again. Have been priviledged during my life to share very intense musical communication with some incredibly talented and self-examing artists.

we're the only all woman atheist-core band i'm aware of :)
I am a one-man band called Radio Shock, though it's a little noisy and unskilled and weird. But if that sounds like your kind of thing, please check it out: http://www.radioshock.org or http://www.myspace.com/radi0sh0ck I put a couple of tracks on my profile.

I also have a noise-rock band that's getting started called Hot War. http://www.hotwar.net or http://www.myspace/hotwar Same warnings as above may apply.

I've found that sharing the same beliefs or opinions does not necessarily guarantee the same musical taste of course.

I live in seattle and i have been in a few bands. I used to live in nashville tennessee and had a few bands back there as well. the music is mostly punk or hardcore. here are some links.

I have a band, we're a two piece, female fronted electronic rock band out of Madison, WI called Sensuous Enemy. We're both ex-christians and Jai's lyrics reflect that (when they're not about sex.) Check us out sometime:




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