Then link/upload your stuff in this thread so we all can hear you :)

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I think your music is pretty cool, although I would rather classify it as industrial rock actually. Well, you very much remind of bands such as Marilyn Manson in their early days.
My band's songs are all available to listen to at CDBaby

*shameless plug* Buy it if you like it!
I'm currently in the process of rethinking and rebuilding my digital studio, as my current gear setup is a mess, and I'm not satisfied with most of my earlier recording attempts. But there is one song that came out sounding pretty good:

Coffee at Midnight (recorded 2004)
I have a band, and it spits music out. We're a 4 piece instrumental/progressive/hardcoreish group of atheists called Pandas. We have a song called "Sky Fortress Pretend Friend", so there's that.

Pandas Destroy!
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