Tell us about your gear and why you use it. Here is my rig:
(Note - all gear is rack mounted unless otherwise noted)

2 4 X 12 Peavy cabinets with Celestion G12T 'Hot 100' speakers.
1 Gemini P601 stereo power amp 200 watts per side - 4 ohm load.
1 Alesis 24 bit digital effects unit
2 TJ Raxx tube preamps
1 Johnson J Station Amp modeler - not racked with floor switch
1 Crybaby Wah Wah pedal - not racked
All connection via Monster Cables


1 Ibanez RG 270 DX Wizard II 2 octave neck 2nd octave scalloped
Bridge and Neck pickups - Seymour Duncan SH-8 triple coils
Mid pickup - Seymour Duncan 'Hot Stack' single/dual coil switchable
Floyd Rose floating Tremelo

1 Yamaha SE 700 HE 22 fret neck
Bridge and Neck pickups - Seymour Duncan SH-8 triple coils
Floyd Rose floating Tremelo

I like the convenience of rack mount equipment - it saves me time since I can leave all that gear cabled up. The Johnson J station amp modeler is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I can set everything clean on the preamps and emulate anything from a super clean Hartley-Thompson to a dual rectified growling Mesa Boogie. The Alesis digital effects unit give me my delay and is super accurate and clean. Add the Crybaby (so I can get my Hendrix off) and this is a very versatile setup for anything from country to the heaviest rock. Of the 2 guitars (my acoustic is a cheap Ovation and doesn't count!) the Ibanez is my favorite. It has a great fast neck, superior tone and sustain like you wouldn't believe. The Seymour Duncan pickups are the best rock pickups I have ever heard. The tone they produce in either a clean or distorted amp sound are excellent. And the fact that I can switch them between single and dual coil give me a tremendous range of sounds.

Tell us about your stuff....

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My setup is not too fancy, I play a Fender Jazz bass with Lindy Fralin vintage jazz custom pickups. I use an Ampeg SVT3 PRO head powering an Ampeg 4x10 extended low range cabinet (weighs a ton...)
*Shrugs* why not. Cock Gear Fight!

Schecter Hellraiser 6 and 7 string
Digitech GNX4 effects board
Line 6 Flextone Amp (want to sell but need a good replacement)

Traben Phoenix 5 String
Ampeg B-4R stack
Bass Pod XT

Korg TR-76
M-Audio Axiom
M-Audio Oxygen 8

DAW/Soft Synths
Logic 8
Reason 4
ReFX Nexus
Buttload of plugins, primarily Audio Damage, Melodyne, and some Waves ripoffs.

Recording gear:
Cad Trion 8000
Art tube preamp
Presonus Firebox
Alesis Multimix
Shure 57s and 58s (looking to trade these in for some Audix eventually)
I have the same gear I did when I was 16 (11years ago) Squire Jazz bass and Fender BXR. I have never had enough money to dedicate to upgrading them. And now My sights are set high (Warwick and AMPEG) that it will take a windfall before I can justify buying them
Most of the time, I use a Washburn D10-S acoustic or a cheap-ish Goldtone banjo.

I keep it simple.

When I play electric, though, I'm usually playing an ESP Xtone PC-2V (old-school setup with the JB and Jazz pickup set) through a Sovtek Mig-50 head and an Avatar 2x12" cab. As far as effects, I really only use a little MXR Distortion+ pedal (I've tried many, many distortion pedals over the years, and the MXR is the best on the market by far - most of the time I'm content with the natural tube distortion I get just cranking the volume and presence on my amp, though).

I've also done a lot of experiments running electric guitars through tape decks and DVD players and stuff, too, but I'm trying not to write a novel here.
Well, I like to travel light, and as a bass player it is hard to do. I use a Gallien Krueger MBS-III head with the two 12" speaker cabinets. 150W RMS, but it really puts out for such a small amp. My bass is a Godin BG-5... 5 string, active electronics with a EQ, and a slap contour circuit for extra crisp highs when slappin' and poppin'. I like using effects a bit, but I don't need a big rack, so I use a Zoom B2 effects unit. It really is a nice little piece of hardware for the money. I happened on it by chance, and when I tried it out it had some really nice effects and a descent tuner.
And I like to record all my jams so I can listen to them later and critique my playing. I think it has made me a better player for sure. I have been using a Zoom H4 digital stereo/4-track recorder for about three years now and I love it. I just set it up on a tripod, and it has built-in stereo mics.
I have some mp3's posted at and some were recorded with the Zoom H4.


BTW, I used to use a big 400W beast of an amp, but when I researched more compact amps I found my current Gallien-Krueger Microbass. The whole thing with the two cabinets and the head weighs only 45 pounds. My old amp weighed in at like 120 pounds. I have found if I need more power than my MBS can give me, the band I am in is usually playing through a PA anyways.
I'll try to be brief...

Guitars (all left's a curse): Schecter C1-Classic, Epiphone Les Paul standard, Washburn acoustic

Basses:Mex Fender Jazz, Ibanez SR-500, and a vintage Epiphone Rivoli made in Kalamazoo, MI and in severe need of an expert tech.

Drums: Yamaha Rydeen (good cheap kit) w/Pork Pie snare and various Sabian cymbals

Effects: Mostly EH stuff, my favorites being the Big Muff and the Stereo memory man w/hazarai. Also a Boss ME-50 and a Pod XT for both guitar and bass, and an E-bow and crybaby...

Amps: Carvin V-3 half stack, Fender Frontman for jamming.

Keyboards: Roland something or other (slightly broken) and a big ass furniture sized Technics digital piano/sequencer

Recording: Tascam 2488mkII and Cubase essentials with a variety of "inexpensive" microphones (only in the world of music would something that costs $100 or more be inexpensive.)

That's about it, for now....
That Carvin V-3 is in the top running for my next amp purchase! Thing is beautiful.
Guitars: Jackson WRMG, Yamaha Pacifica

Amps: Marshall 100w HDFX, Marshall 100w DFX

Processor: Zoom gfx8

Pedal: Damage Control Demonizer
Drums- I play an older set of Pearls with Camber cymbals. They are kind of beat up but I love the deep and rich sound I get form them, would probably be even better if I would just buy new heads. Self taught on an old set of CB700 Internationale that I haven't set up in ages, but still own.
For the quick and easy:

Fender Strat (Mexican)
Vox AC30 combo
sfx: Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, Boss DD-6 (delay), Digitech Whammy (pitch shift), Visual Sound H2O (chorus/echo), Boss PH-3 (Phase), Boss V-Wah (wah-wah), BBE Sonic Maximizer, Vox Satchurator, Boss GE-7 (Eq), DOD 280 (compressor), Boss GT-8 (multi-effects modulator)
Micro Korg

Electra X135
Yahmaha 20w (soon to be replaced)
sfx: Danelectra Fab tone, Digitech RP-50 (multi-effect), Ibanez Chorus/Flange, Electro-Harmonix stereo Memory Man (Delay, Chorus)
Rolland X-A

Schecter Stiletto Studio-5 Left-Handed Bass
Kustom Groove Bass

Tama kit with pitch black cymbals.

I have a Fender acoustic guitar and a Dean acoustic-electric bass guitar (4 string).

'65 Harmony H22 single cutaway and a '71 Harmony H22/1 double cutaway. Both stock with the standard DeArmond pickup.

Gallien-Krueger 800RB head

Hartke XL Cabinet.

No effect boxes

I used to play a '65 Fender Precision but I sold it when it started putting knots in my shoulder :-)




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