So im going to a community college that actually has music classes and the head music instructor is really nice. He plays Trumpet but is still going to help me nock the rust off on me playing trombone. we are going to play duets and help me get to the point i am trying to reach. i want to play in the Western carolina band when i transfer.

Now on to my point. Is there anyone out their who has played in a college band or know how hard it can be to get into one?

Oh and are there any music majors out there?

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i'm a former trombone and tuba player in bands, but now a composer by profession. I remember being the top player in my H.S., but when i got to college i wasn't accepted into any ensembles after auditioning, how embarrassing! It's a challenge for sure, but just go for it. If you know anyone at the Western Carolina band school, you might try calling them up, or calling the music school, and seeing if someone might give you more specific information about auditions and success rates, and all that.
Wow. I played both of those in high school as well. My music teacher at my community college is the real deal. hes only a trumpet player but he knows his stuff. he has played proffesionally for a while. but that is great advise and i will call the music department up there and find out.
thanks for the advise.
Wow, I've been away for a while. Sorry this reply isn't more timely. My college had 2 bands. One for music majors and one for non-majors. If you don't get into one you can take it as an opportunity to find your weaknesses and improve. Then audition again later.

I was a music major at the University of Wisc. - Milwaukee. I got my degree in performance.
Band director here. How did things work out?


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