Handel's stirring Hallelujah Chorus now has powerful words that reflect our values! They affirm that meaning and value come not from some hypothetical deity, but from us.

This would be good for HumanLight celebrations.

(Our own Ruth Anthony-Gardner and I collaborated on this.)

A vocal score with the new words is available as an attachment.
[Edit: Download the sheet music with this link -- it's easy to miss in the verbiage at the bottom of the posting.]

Feel free to copy, sing, distribute, share, record, sing... !
(with attribution, and any derivative works must be distributed under a similar license)


We’re Creators

words by Ruth Anthony-Gardner and G.C.
to the tune of the Hallelujah chorus from Messiah by G. F. Handel


We’re creators, we the people,
Making meaning, telling stories, yes we create.

People created ev-ery idea.
We are thinkers, we’re creators, god-inventors, storytellers.

People created ev-ery idea...
(storytellers, storytellers...)
Yes we create.

“Reality”’s our word
... in language
by people said and heard.
We say what’s real, we say what’s real.

Reality is our shared perception...
We’re thinkers, creators...

Right and wrong (we’re thinkers, creators, god-inventors, storytellers)
they come from us (we’re thinkers, creators, god-inventors, storytellers) ...
... they come from us,
(Right and wrong) they come from us!

Reality (reality) ... is our shared (is our shared) perception ...

Right and wrong (we’re thinkers, creators)
they come from us (god-inventors, storytellers)
Reality is our shared, is our shared perception.

Right and wrong, they come from us.
Right and wrong, they come from us.
Reality is our shared perception.
We’re thinkers, creators, we’re thinkers, creators,
Allah, Yahweh we created; god-inventors, storytellers.
Yes, we--- cre-ate!



Author’s Note

Reality arises as a construct within a language-using community.
We posit that it exists independently, because that suits our purposes.
Reality is actually “reality as we agree to interpret it,
based on the perceptions upon which we agree”.

Creative Commons License
"We're Creators" by Ruth Anthony-Gardner and G.C. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Replies to This Discussion

For Darwin Day, how about performing both the Evolution Chorus ("and nothing lasts for ever and ever... change is king, the gene is lord...") and We're Creators?


Sounds like a good idea!
How wonderful!
I wish I could hear the audio.

It's probably up to us to record this, somehow, sometime...!

I trust everyone saw this on the Friendly Atheist blog today...


Great website!

It's a Christian reworking of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", where the new lyricist had no idea that "It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth / The minor fall, the major lift" describes the music itself.

Then again, even the U.S. national anthem borrowed its tune from the 18th-century English "Anacreontic Song", which had actually gained other sets of American patriotic lyrics.

And yes, Friendly Atheist is a great blog!

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