My band has nine members, and as far as I know, only two of us are atheists. We don't discuss religion or politics, since those can be divisive topics, and we're more interested in building cohesion. I know that two other members also play in church bands, but that's all I know or want to know about my bandmates' religious views.

I'm in a newly-formed band called Philly Rock & Soul. I play guitar, and am also the band's webmaster. We play R&B, Motown, Elvis, and other great music from the 1950s through '70s. I was born in 1945, and this is the music that I grew up with from about age 10. I think of it as "my music"!

I just finished building the band's website, and would love to share it with all of you. You can check us out at Philly Rock & Soul. There are five audio clips and a video medley on the "Music" page, and if you like what you hear, please leave a message in our Guestbook, which is at the bottom of the "About us" page.

Rock on!




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Sorry, the above link to Philly Rock & Soul doesn't work. Here's the correct link: Philly Rock & Soul.

I play with The Holland K. Smith Band out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We play a mixture of Blues, Jazz, R&B, 50s/60s Rock, and even a little surf. Holland wrote "Rock Party" which is a song that George Thorogood recorded and opens his shows with.

Hey Bergen! Love your band! Ruth has been telling me about your band. Wonderful!




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