With Oklahoma hellbent on putting the 10 Commandments everywhere and anywhere, this article isn't really news, but there were a few good quotes.

Also note how the man delivering the prayer is a minister/school superintendent/ republican candidate for congress, or as it's known in OK, a real American. He was also joined by several of his students. It fails to mention if school was in session at the time.

"Horsley called the day a monumental one for the county and a testament to freedom of speech."

"When asked if he read opposition printed in the newspaper, Horsley responded, 'When I read what’s in the paper and it’s against it, I stop reading because I don’t read what the devil writes.”

"Barnes assured attendees, 'On down the line, when the Supreme Court rules in our favor, we’ll have another one just like it down on the courthouse lawn."

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Nice costume, too bad he didn't turn his rod into a serpent, now that would've been real news. On the subject of the 7th commandment, a lot of christians seem to have tremendous difficulty obeying that one.
My own fucking state. I am a Navy Vet and I was a xtian when I was in, but I believed that I was defending everyones rights to be human and live in the United States of America. Revisiting the passage in Exodus 20:1-17, I realize that they really have trouble following all of them. They worship material things, they have crosses and eucharist, the phrase God Damn, they work 7 days a week, they sass their parents, birth control, adultery-self explanatory, stealing-office supplies to embezlement, gossip about others, and again materialism.

That picture of the ostrich should have his head up his ass like the religious generally do. They all need windows installed in their bellies so they can see.
It absolutely blows me away that the courts continue to allow this.

I'd like to see some group insist on putting a pro-Islam Qur'an passage on government property on the basis that it's no different than a 10 commandments plaque.
I know its juvenile and probably counterproductive, but we should egg and TP these things.
I know its juvenile and probably counterproductive, but we should egg and TP these things.

While that is tempting, it makes a much bigger statement when we don't. But the Atheist holiday display gets egged and TP'd by them.

More productive would be to petition that public ground to post some Atheist plaque next to it.
The thing is on private property owned by the bank. Perhaps maybe a petition to have a monument to the second amendment of the United States Constitution. That would be legal to be placed on government owned property.




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