More than 100,000 Haredi (ultra-orthodox) Jews took to the streets of Jerusalem Thursday (June 17) to protest an Israeli Supreme Court Decision that outlawed segregation at a religious girl's school in the West Bank town of Emanuel. The mostly male demonstrators, black-clad and bearded in the ultra-orthodox manner, crowded into the city squares, snarling traffic and waving signs with messages on them like, ""The Supreme Court is fascist," or "The prisoners of Emanuel are the messengers of the Jewish people."
So who is it these ultra-orthodox Jews wish their children to be segregated from? It's not Christian girls. It's not Muslim girls either. These Jews want their children to be kept separate from other Jews.
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Ultra-orthodox protestor lies on the ground with a bloodied face after scuffling with the police.

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If they can't tolerate other Jews how do you think they feel about Atheists?
I have heard that a considerable number of "jews" are atheists. They are the secular jew, cultural jew, etc.
An employee of mine was on a trip to NYC recently (a big trip for this Atheist Texan) and met a couple of tourists from Israel. The topic of religion came up and they stated that a large number of the Jews there were atheists, they didn't really call themselves that, but that they were, and this is IN Israel. I'd love to see statistics on this for the US.
So maybe in this story, "other jew = atheist" ???
Not in this case, Joe. The Sephardi Jews are usually pretty religious. They just don't meet Haredi (the ultra-orthodox, black-clad, bearded nutjobs) standards because, unlike the Haredi whose religiousity comes from a European tradition only a few hundred years old, the Sephardi religious tradition comes from older African and Near East sources.
I'm not sure about the traditions, but actually, recent DNA evidence suggests that, at least, as a people, they are connected, and that connection goes back thousands of years into... the Middle East:

ScienceNow - "Tracing the Roots of Jewishness"
ScienceDaily - Common Genetic Threads Link Thousands of Years of Je...

Scientific Paper:
Abraham's Children in the Genome Era: Major Jewish Diaspora Populat...
I should have read your Examiner article first. Racism, or sectarianism, or whatever fans their flames, it all reminds me of Rich Orman's tag line "Dogma makes you crazy".

BTW - I love the closing quote from SK "... makes me want to sew my foreskin back on"
Just a note... I'm an Atheist Jew. The only things I don't do are keep Kosher and fast on Yom Kippur. Also, I can handle services once, maybe twice a month, although right now, while I'm living with my dad (who's a Conservative Hazzan), I have to go every Friday night, Saturday, and Saturday night (where I read Torah). Luckily he doesn't force me to go to every weekday minion (though I admit that I occasionally enjoy leading Mincha or Ma'ariv). Shabbat services aren't actually all that bad... but the Saturday day services especially can be long (8:45 am to between 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm depending on if there's a Bar/Bat/B'nei Mitzvah and how long the Rabbi's sermon goes... although I do remember one time not getting out until almost 3:00... we had some guest speakers, then).

Also, a great perk of my Dad being the Hazzan at Bnai Torah in Boca Raton, FL is that awesome people are members here: like the manager of Joe Bonamassa (which is seriously awesome for me both as a huge Bonamassa fan and as someone who wants to be in the music industry).
Well, I'm one too. Fortunately, no one's forcing me to go to services anymore.




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