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Andrew Bowen is going on a journey through 12 religions in 12 months.  He will immerse  himself in the culture and worship of 12 faiths. He is attempting to see through an objective lens, as he does not subscribe to any of these faiths.  I say Good Luck....

  • January: Hinduism
  • February: Baha'i
  • March: Zoroastrianism
  • April: Judaism
  • May: Buddhism
  • June: Fringe
  • July: Mormonism
  • August: Islam
  • September: Sikhism
  • October: Wicca
  • November: Jainism
  • December: Catholicism

His website is Project Conversion.

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Interesting - thanks for tell me about this.

Fringe what?  You have to be fringe something.  What does that even mean?

After one month? It is an interesting idea but one month per faith? What's the point? That's barely enough time to scratch the surface. It certainly isn't a "journey".
this will help me pass my time and could be interesting.




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