“In US presidential elections, voters are allowed to either pick open enemies of science, called “Republicans”, or habitual liars who distort science however it befits them, called “Democrats”. Third option: effectively none. Almost everywhere in the world, only devote religious people like Obama are allowed to climb to power. (However,) in China, scientists have decided at the highest levels for many years.”


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This bit of unintelligable Chinese propaganda is total crap.  It's insulting, boastful and in essence predicts that the Chinese are going run us over with a bulldozer because we're stupid Americans.  I think the Russians said the same thing once.


I suggest that the writer not try to publish in English again until he cleans up his infantile vocabulary.  And you can keep your fuckng model of government.  Dictatorship doesn't suit us. 

It's even written by a Russian. At least I think the author's name is Russian.
Jeez, that website is full of a bunch of junk. "Register now to get your own column!" So pretty much anyone can say anything they want on there.
This somewhat obscure article appeared in a Google News Search, “Atheism”. So, it seemed at least somewhat appropriate for Atheist News. Chinese propaganda? Perhaps. But, it offered some thoughts on the advantages of secular government – the author’s prerogative. When I saw the title of the article, I assumed it was referring to the 2012 U.S. elections. After reading further and discovering that it was about the 2012 elections in China, my own Western ethnocentrism became apparent. Take it or leave it. Think about it or not. Certainly, the author’s English is better than most American’s Mandarin.


The fact that it would be in the interest of the country if our representatives - and president - had a well rounded education and had a good grasp of the sciences and history - in other words a liberal education - is undeniable.  I would even go so far as to require a test in logic and rational thought.  But to assert that secularism and athism is the only way that China has gotten to where it is is bunk.  They got there because they''re a dictatorship.  It would be easy for Obama to get what he wants if he were a dictator.  How cool would that be?


And people in other countries study English not because they like it, but because it is de facto the lingua franca of science and technology.  Mandarin is not.


The arrogance of the piece just pissed me off.



I read it. it sounds like propoganda from a chines/ chines sypathizers. My conclusion:

although these scientists are actualy doing good science there is still the repressive regiem that has to be delt with. I dont think that china has anything on the u.s....I dont think the other way either.

the probs for the u.s. are religious, the probs with china seem to be political. either way I dont think that this article was acurate and was stricly aimed at a "one upmanship".

so....hay china....stop being so fucking holier than thou when you yourselves still practice oppression on a grand scale.

good science and scientists?...ya...sure.....totaly fucked up society? ya..will be for a long time.

the heads of state will always be more interested in controlling the people. the heads of state are only concerned with protecting there power. its a corrupt state and all the science shit that comes out of there will not change that.

Yeah, not at all like our heads of state, huh?




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