Wait... I thought God punished all snakes for their roll in the perpetration of original sin by removing their legs. Apparently he missed a couple.

From an evolutionary standpoint, I think it is safe to say that this animal, while cool and unusual, was pretty predictable.

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I don't think it's technically a snake, right? It's in its own, separate group.
I suppose I shouldn't say it's a snake if the scientists don't say it's a snake. But still... I am really not sure what to call it if it isn't a snake. I could be wrong, but whatever happened to snakes long ago seems to be happening to these guys too and in the same way. If I have time I will look into this some more.
I'm surprised there isn't more information on-line about them. (I only took a brief look.)

I'm wondering if it's a case where it's an animal that didn't have legs, but is now developing them?

Sort of in the same way that a whale is a mammal that evolved on land and then return to the sea?


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