By Lillian Kwon

Christian Post Reporter

Mon, Jul. 28 2008

They may make up only a minority in America but the small atheist numbers do not give one evangelical scholar reason to ignore them and their potential influence.

( "I never said that atheism is a great challenge in terms of armies of atheists marching on the Church. The point is that it’s an intellectual challenge where it matters and that’s in the public square," the Southern Baptist theologian told The Christian Post. "The new atheists have a serious argument they’re making. They see themselves to be in an opportune moment in terms of the culture and I think Christians have to take it seriously."

Atheism Remix targets Christians as Mohler outlines the characteristics that set New Atheism apart from older forms of atheism and urges believers to step up to the challenge, especially at a time when many Christians know very little about their faith.

"There are a good many Christians who are almost completely unschooled in the basics of the faith. Even though they believe in God and have faith in Christ, they would be hard pressed to offer even the most intellectual defense of their faith," Mohler noted.

And in some cases, the New Atheists have studied the Christian faith more (in order to reject it) than some Christians. )

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That is refreshing. Hopefully the 2010 census shows those pew numbers to be false.




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