The Rivals of Jesus: National Geographic Explores Jesus's Contemporaries

This video explores the life and times of the rash of messiah's that were around in Jesus's time, many of which shared several (if not most) of the same supernatural qualities as Jesus. Very interesting stuff.

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This improbable religion of a "gentle Jewish carpenter" that won over all of these other religious movements of the day went on to become the most repressive, bloodthirsty, anti-feminist, anti-intellectual, racist and non-pacificist of religions and it held back Western progress for two thousand years.

I'm of the mind set that there were many christianities and the one that prevailed was a fictionalized version or an amalgam of all of the others that were portrayed in this film. The one who packaged the new religion was Saul of Tarsus, or, as we know him today, St. Paul. Christianity should be called Pauline Xianity.

BTW, one of the "experts" with a Xian bias referred to the area of Judea, Samaria and Galilee as "Palestine". This Roman name for the area did not appear until the time of Hadrian when Hadrian wiped out the rebellion of Simon bar Kokhba. The Roman name of "Palestine" didn't exist at the time of the fictionalized Yeshua (Jesus). Of course, Bethlehem (his birthplace) didn't exist either at the time, nor did Nazareth, until much later. It's just so much fiction, as the Nat'l Geographic seems to intimate. Just a lot of stories all woven together......who needs a real Jesus when a character in book will do fine?
Hadrian, circa 135 AD, (or CE...sorry, I'm old) chose the name "Palestine" to replace the name of "Judea, Samaria, Galilee" as an insult to all Jews since the name is a reference to Philistines who occupied the coastal areas since ancient times. Ancient Israelites depicted Philistines as barbaric but recent archaeological finds suggest a sophisticated level of early civilization.

See, none of this biblical stuff is to be trusted. All religion is just made up nonsense and outright lies.
Another pretty decent take on this is the Zeitgeist video. It's full of some pretty controversial conspiracy theory stuff, but the first bit where they talk about religion is pretty interesting. You can find it on Google video, I think.




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