Evolution Was Largely Based on the Silly Assumption of a Dead Lawyer

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Wow, complete failure to mention any other dating method. Paleontologists use layer-based dating and geologists use fossil based dating as a quick field estimate but these numbers are based on expensive and extensive radiometric dating methods. It would be far too time consuming to go through and sample and date every rock and every fossil so those that have been through the process are used as references.

This very simple and obvious procedure is entirely glossed over in Dr. Carlson's tirade. That ignorance such as this can be spoke by someone allowed to call themselves a Dr. is just ridiculous, meaning that in the most original sense of the word "Worthy of ridicule". That this planet is over 6000 years old is backed by mounds of incontrovertible evidence, from the Creosote bush rings in Africa (living plants over 10,000 years old), Ice core samples showing 160000 annual layers of ice accumulation in the Antarctic. The laws of thermodynamics place the world at at least 14,000,000 years old and that's not accounting for heat generated by radioactive decay....

The stupid... it burns!




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