Faked Cancer, Released "Inspirational Song," Made Bank, Got Busted, Oops

http://richarddawkins.net/article,3017,n,nA Pastor in Australia faked having cancer and released an inspirational song called "Healer" including a video in which he performs with an oxygen tube in his nose. He also, of course, made a tidy sum off of "donations." But, as these things are bound to happen, he was exposed as a fraud. Police are currently investigating what happened to the money.

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"This news has come as a great shock to everyone including, it seems, his own wife and family,"

Lemme get this straight...he pretends to have cancer (somehow) and his family buys it? Were there doctors involved? There must have been some kind of hospital visits to come to the "I've got cancer" conclusion.

I think there's a lot more going on here that we don't know about and it's being whitewashed to soften this up.

His myspace page vanished, no surprise there. If you're irony meter is still under warranty and you're a bit curious who in the heck this guy was check out this Australian-Xian youth message board thread on the matter.




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