25 people crucify themselves with real nails in celebration of easter


It does not mention whether they are triclavianists or not.

Filthy, filty triclavianists...

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Uhmm, that word doesn't show up in the dictionary. What up Moe?

They should have called me. I would have helped them do it.
Some people are just plain batshit crazy.
I think you can pay extra for this at that Jesus amusement park highlighted in Religulous!
I saw some of this on Nat Geo or Science or the History Channel. It was highly entertaining and I would so not trade places with them. I have never, not once, in my life ever thought that hammering a nail through my hand was a good idea. But what do I know?

I wish Jesus had been kicked in the balls a few times, so we could watch shows on Easter where guys line up to be kicked in the balls like Jesus! I would watch that, even if it was on pay-per-view.




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