8 Ways Christian Fundamentalists Make People Convert--to Agnosticism or Atheism

AlterNet.org has long since been one of my favorite news websites around, and they have always given the Atheist/Humanist side equal if not greater representation in the news.

AlterNet.org 8 Ways

Just a taste...

1. Gay Baiting. Because of sheer demographics, many gay people are born into religious families. The condemnation (and self-condemnation) they face if their families see homosexuality as an abomination can be excruciating, as we all know from the suicide rate. Some emotionally battered gays spend their lives fighting or denying who they are, but many eventually find their way to open and affirming congregations or non-religious communities.

Please read the rest. It's absolutely brilliant and true. It affirms everything we know to be true and testable.

Hell, it's science. ;)

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