One of the hallmarks of Christian worship is communion. Where the adherent commits ritualized, or if a Catholic, real cannibalism of the body of the late and not so great JC.

Well, from the wonderful world of religious strife, hatred and murder, there is a Christian individual in the capitol of the Central African Republic, Bangui, who decided to cannibalize the body of Muslim he, and a mob of Christians, murdered.

Ouandja "Mad Dog" Magloire, was in a mob of Christians when he saw a man he believed was a Muslim riding on a bus. The purported Muslim was dragged from the bus, repeatedly stabbed, had his head smashed, and his dead body burnt. "Mad Dog" decided that wasn't enough. He then proceeded to eat the man's thigh down to the bone.

Now, in all "fairness" to 'Mad Dog,' he was more than slightly irate over Muslims killing his pregnant wife, sister-in-law, and her baby. Seems that the followers of the Prophet have been targeting Christian communities in the Central African Republic and spreading the word of Mohammed (piss be upon him) the old fashioned way - by the sword.

And the reaction of his community? Many Christians there hail him as a hero. Guess they ran out of crackers at Sunday service.

Story here. As a cautionary note, there is a video of "Mad Dog" chowing down, so unless you have a cast iron stomach, be forewarned. 

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Good thing I'm a borderline vegetarian.  My food doesn't resemble anything objectionable, after a video like that.

Where will it all end? Perhaps the various forms of God Squad will wipe each other out one day and leave the rest of us in peace.

Good Night, Irene! [he shakes his head sadly]  I'd ask where all this is liable to go ... except I think that I already know the answer and I don't much care for it!





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