We already knew this was coming. However, it's people like them that scare the hell out of me...


A Christian Plot for Domination?


"Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry aren't just devout—both have deep ties to a fringe fundamentalist movement known as Dominionism, which says Christians should rule the world."




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Yeah, I saw this one a while back too, and posted it on my Facebook page. Seriously scary, if you ask me. I don't care what else they have to say. I can't vote for them based on their crazy religious beliefs. (Not that I would never vote for a believer, because that's just not really possible. But insane and downright stupid people will not be getting my vote ever!)

There's no way I would vote for any of them (Perry, Bachmann or any of those ignorant, superstitious, religious zealots). I just can't!

Reminds me of that Spike Jones song, "Der Fuhrer's Face":


"Ve bring der world order. Jesus Christ's world order.

Why do ve bring dis order? So that dis order rules de world!

Vhen Herr Jesus says 've is der master race',

Ve sing 'Hosannah! Hosannah!'

Right in Herr Jesus' face!"


What's hard is that dominionation is central to their agenda, but the other side (nondominionist republicans, and democrats) wont bring it out into the open. It's like there's this huge scary thing we need to fight, and no one will mention it. These people are antiAmerican but somehow promote that they have the high ground and are the "real" Americans. The press won't really push it either.

We are doomed.
 The thing is that they feel they are gaining more power and are going to have control over Christians and non-Christians as well. I recently heard a lady talking to a friend about a group of Republicans (fundamentalist Christians, of course) in her neighborhood that are getting ready to fight the battle against nonbelievers, especially the Atheists. From now on I'm going to call them the "Christian Taliban."
What is wrong with those people? Is there something in the water? Those are bizarre people.

Yes, they are bizarre people. And what I heard made me wonder if all or most of the republicans have the same ideology. I don't know who will win the Republican nomination, I hope is not any of those two (Bachmann, Perry).

I almost hope that Bachmann does get the nomination. I think I have just enough faith left in the centrist, swing voters that they'll realize how insane she is and run to Obama in huge numbers.

And yes, 'faith' is the right word there. I fully realize what an irrational hope it is.
I heard this on NPR last week: The New Apostolic Reformation. It scared me, seriously. These people actually think demons are running America and believe witch craft is real. This information needs to be out for the general public so they know just how crazy these people are.




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