A Judge Dismissed FFRF’s Lawsuit to Distribute Atheist Books in a Florida School District, but It’s Still a Victory

Orange County Public Schools insisted on vetting the freethought literature from FFRF and other secular groups

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Worth mentioning: the lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice as moot, because the school district dropped its censorship.

In this case, the circumstances are sufficiently clear that the alleged wrongful behavior — Defendant’s initial prohibition of a subset of the materials that Plaintiffs sought to distribute — will not recur in the future.

Defendant has unambiguously expressed its position that each of the materials Plaintiffs sought to distribute will be unconditionally allowed.

As Mr. Mehta writes:

"The best part about all this? It means other groups can join in on the fun. Satanists can distribute their literature. So can Wiccans. And Muslims who want to give away copies of the Koran. Scientologists? Why not. The more, the merrier. And it all drowns out the Christians who wanted to be there in the first place.

Maybe the district will finally realize it’s best to close the doors to outside religious groups altogether and let the students focus on getting a real education without outside intervention."



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