A church in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles is going to the dogs... literally. Covenant Presbyterian Church doesn't just do animal blessings; it invites them in to attend services. At least it invites dogs in. Cats and other pets are still persona non grata. Despite the absence of cats, the Sunday night service can still be a barking nightmare and, who knows, a pooper scooper one as well. It's a well-known fact that plenty of people can't sit through an entire sermon without answering the call of nature at least once... and there's no guarantee they're all house-of-God-trained either. (more here, including canine heeling, er, um, healing prayers)

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LMFAO: Ditto!
Even if they allowed cats, they wouldn't come in to worship anyway, since they're already worshiped (that looks misspelled, but "worshipped" is apparently the wrong spelling) at home.




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