Sunday morning, during the 11 am services at Germantown Kentucky's City of Refuge Worship Center, Mark Hourigan was ordained as a minister. What's unusual about this is that Pastor Hourigan is a registered sex offender who served 4 years and 8 months in prison for sodomizing an 11-year-old boy in 1998...
More of the story here.

WARNING: While this story is true, the article includes a joke that might be considered a cheap shot (the author couldn't resist leaving it in though).

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So, I'm hoping that there are no children at this church right? Because no one in their right mind would put a pedophile in power over children right?

Wait, did I just say right mind? Nevermind. Run kiddies run!
Actually there are lots of children attending this church. Another interesting fact is that most of the articles I researched while writing this story don't mention that the church ministers to a large contingent of gay and transgender folks. However, one article mentions it as the reason Mark Hourigan felt comfortable going there., he is a pedophile but decided that means he's also gay? Or maybe he thinks they'll overlook his raping of boys?
Well as I see it the only thing unusual about this story is that Pastor Hourigan is working in reverse. First he becomes a sex offender, then he becomes a priest. Maybe he's trying to start a fad?
One could argue that it isn't a different order, it is just that they don't normally get caught beforehand...
I'm surprised the Catholics lost the bid to ordain this guy.


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