If there was a hell to freeze over...

Arizona to do away with Sunday morning booze ban

That wasn't enough for Democratic Rep. Matt Heinz. He figured that allowing booze to be poured even earlier would be good for business, what with the state's resorts catering to tourists.

When his original plan got hung up, Republican Sen. Frank Antenori took up the cause.

Antenori said he doesn't buy the argument that the rules should be different on what some people believe is the Lord's Day.

"For a certain specific religion you can't carve out a special exemption,' he said. "I don't think that's right.'

He said if lawmakers want to protect church goers from being sidetracked by open bars on Sunday then they also would be obligated to put similar rules in place on Saturdays for Jews and Seventh Day Adventists. And Friday morning would be off limits because of Islam.

And Heinz said there is no reason to restrict those who have no day of worship at all.

Wow, so we have a Republican standing up for freedom of all religions and a Democrat specifically mentioning non-worshipers in his stand on the bill.

Nice job on this law Arizona!

There is a nice idiotic end to the piece:

The law takes effect on July 29, making Sunday, Aug. 1, the first day for early imbibing.

No Mr. Fischer, people could drink whenever they wanted beforehand...this is the first day of early purchasing.

Shamelessly stolen from the Friendly Atheist.

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You mean you don't drink your booze the second that you buy it?
Nope, I squirrel it away for zombie armagheddon.
Now if only Pennsylvania would do away with some of its blue laws...that'll never happen though.
it's a miracle?
Some time ago I was on the road between Nowhere and Middle of Nowhere with a whole lot of nothing in between. I stopped at a truck stop for gas and snacks and to my amazement, saw a line wrapped around the store; I couldn't imagine there were that many people in the entire town.

Then it dawned on me: It was 11:50am on a Sunday morning. Everyone for miles around had come for their daily booze fill.

One of the most pathetic things I've ever witnessed.




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