Wow! According to Gallup 40% of Americans still have strict Creationist beliefs. While this number is down over recent years, 40% is still a lot of willful ignorance. Frank Newport, Editor in Chief of Gallup, interprets this to mean that overall beliefs in the origin of humanity et. al. is the same as it was back in the 1980's


40% of Americans still hold strict Creationist beliefs


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This'll at least make it a bit harder for them to change the phrasing of the pledge to 'HERP DERP under God'.

Against stupidity the Gods themselves.........

Wow, 40% is a lot. I don't have the stats for Germany but I guess it'll be less than 10%. I may be wrong though but none of my course mates back on campus, colleagues and golfers buy into this primitive belief.

Those Amerrikuns are way behind in regards to evolution, of course I could point and laugh but I know for a fact that the amount of New Age woo woo is ten times worse here in the Netherlands.


So, can we come to some agreement here where I'm allowed to point and laugh at fundamentalist Christian "Amerrikuns" while being safe from criticism against idiots in my own country?

Yeah, just focus on the fundie bit instead of their location. XD

I prefer to make fun of Americans, it's more fun and more demanding, fundies can make fun of themselves, they don't need me to look ridiculous.



Yeah, but it's less fair, too. Opens you up to all kinds of accusations of bigotry.


I learned that lesson the hard way! XD I started out like that too, thanks to a father who lists contempt for Americans among his numerous brain-wrongs, and now I'm dating a Baptist girl in Minnesota. Go figure.

I tend to make fun of everything and everyone, especially things that demand some kind of respect. Not because I feel that my (comical) criticism are valid, or that they hold some deeper meaning, simply and only because I think it's funny.


Some of the most patriotic Americans (in my opinion) have been highly critical towards American society, and most Americans that I know of seem to enjoy a good joke about their country as much as the next person.


Fundies however, tend to be extremely sensitive to criticism and cannot differentiate between a joke and an insult. That's why I tend to stay away from making fun of them, especially in person. In my experience it's really more of a one way street in comparison to the interaction that I enjoy with people that can take a joke.


It's much more demanding (and fun) to ridicule a person that is not easily offended and who is also capable of using ridicule himself.

You're right. ^_^ I guess it's more of a personal thing - the guy who taught me to laugh at Americans as a kid went on to mime machine-gunning chavs through the car window, which is a great way to show a kid that thinking like you is a bad idea. XD


I dunno about making fun of everything. Regardless of whether it makes you a dick (for the record, as far as I'm concerned it doesn't) it'll make a lot of people think you are, which will make it that much harder to get anything done when collaboration's called for. Plus, if I took the mickey out've everything I find daft, I'd never have time for anything else - so unless it blunders into my path I tend to leave stuff alone.


I have to say, the best reaction I ever got from mocking a fundie was actually in person. He had one of those Don't Let Darwin Make A Monkey Out Of You posters, and I shouted over 'We're apes, you chump' in a sort of good-natured way. This guy comes straight back without missing a beat with 'Who are you calling a chump, chimp?'


I had to salute that one. XD Stolen from Roger Rabbit, but perfect delivery.

"So, can we come to some agreement here where I'm allowed to point and laugh at fundamentalist Christian "Amerrikuns" while being safe from criticism against idiots in my own country?"


It's a safe bet that at least 40% of Americans won't have a freaking clue about anything having to do with the Netherlands. ;)

If it's that same 40%, they might even think it's a euphemism for genitalia and chide you with a bible verse for saying it.

While I applaud your wit, I think you are assuming that those 40% would know what "nether" meant.  I suspect they wouldn't have a clue about that.




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