Wow! According to Gallup 40% of Americans still have strict Creationist beliefs. While this number is down over recent years, 40% is still a lot of willful ignorance. Frank Newport, Editor in Chief of Gallup, interprets this to mean that overall beliefs in the origin of humanity et. al. is the same as it was back in the 1980's


40% of Americans still hold strict Creationist beliefs


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I dunno.  Most of them are savants of sorts.  I'm sure their knowledge of bathroom humor exceeds most other areas.

I think it's safe to assume that the vast majority of Americans don't have a clue as to where the Netherlands is located on a map. Unfortunately, when they do "know" the Netherlands either they are completely ignorant as to the facts, or they know only the popular stuff such as legal prostitution.


The Americans that I ran into in the Netherlands usually say that they're Californian, or from New York. I don't know that many Americans that identify themselves as Americans first, but then again that might be the reason why those Amerrikuns are in Europe.

Eh, not our fault that the only interesting things are the drugs and the prostitution.


Oh, and windmills.  Windmills are good.  :-P

Eh, not our fault that the only interesting things are the drugs and the prostitution.


We do a lot of K1 here, but I guess that you Americans prefer to dress up in silly clothes and do a lot of hugging and rolling on the floor instead?


How about the "Deltawerken", it was named one of the seven modern wonders of the world by the American Society of Civil Engineers, even though it is not entirely covered in chrome!


Seriously though, I don't have any problems with Americans, in fact I value them almost as high as normal people.

Ah, normal people...the real oldest myth! XD

If you find one normal person, don't tell me. I'm sure I'll read about it in the newspaper anyway. :D

I love the Netherlands.  If it weren't for the weather, I would want to live there.  The people are quite nice.

40% still have strict Creationist beliefs. Now that's American Exceptionalism in the modern age!


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