Pope says fundamentalism is 'disease of all religions'

Aboard the papal plane (AFP) - Pope Francis said fundamentalism is "a disease of all religions", including the Roman Catholic Church, as he returned from a three-nation tour of Africa in which he preached reconciliation and hope.

"Fundamentalism is always a tragedy. It is not religious, it lacks God, it is idolatrous," the Argentine pontiff told journalists on the plane back from the Central African Republic.

. . . "We Catholics, we have a few, even many fundamentalists. They believe they know absolute truth and corrupt others," he said, adding: "I can say this because this is my Church."

Unfortunately, "believing they know absolute truth" and "corrupting others" is also the mainstay of the entire Catholic religion. One simple case in point. When confronted with their misogyny, they claim they have no power to change their policies because they're directly based on god's will. If that's not the height of arrogance, hypocrisy and bad faith, I don't know what is.

He didn't mention, of course, that the only way to root out the disease is to root out the religions.

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I wonder what part of "the church is infallible" he doesn't have a problem with.

What part of infallibility doesn't he have a problem with? I submit, the entire concept. After all, it's Frankie, and not the RCC, who is cloaked in infallibility. To quote a criticism of Deepak Chopra which seems to fit here. Woo Fuckery at it's finest!

As to fundamentalism, here's a thought. Gays are humans, just like everyone else. Women are equal to men. Thou shalt not torture nor rape a child. Thou shalt sell thy golden fucking thrones and bling and feed the hungry and homeless.

Never mind. Sorry. That's too extreme for even for them.

You're right, Pat. How about if they just get the cardinals new hats for a start at reform?

Here's a reform we can only dream about: Pope Francis taking hints from Alan Perlman's suggested farewell speech for Pope Benedict's retirement.

Some excerpts:

My brothers and sisters ... something wonderful and miraculous has happened to me, and it is entirely appropriate that I inform my flock of my revelation. Revelation by important people has been a powerful force in shaping our Church doctrine, and I call upon it now....

I cannot believe in any of it any more.

Let me repeat that: I cannot believe the Church’s teachings, the whole demented fantasy, for one more day.

Along with that, I can no longer turn a blind eye to the Church’s evil, oppression, and immorality.  I will carry with me to my grave a heavy burden of guilt for the Church’s long list of sins against humanity: prohibiting contraception in a world where the population growth is out of control, meddling in your most personal decisions, covering for its child-molesting priests, condemning you to eternal agony for infractions of its arbitrary rules, and much more.

The ideological foundation of all of this is insane.  This is my revelation....

Let this be the beginning of the end for the Catholic Church as we know it.  Between now and the effective end of my tenure, I will take the first steps towards a new Reformation, which I will outline for you now.

Wherever possible, clerics of every rank are to divest themselves, buy new clothes, and find whatever productive jobs they can.... They can, if they desire, remain with their churches, which may still function as centers for social services and social justice.... What remains of the Catholic Church will be an affirmation of life, fueled by the enormous wealth we have accumulated.

Just as we once urged the beating of swords into plows, let us turn our wealth into good....

...we can all, on our own, be very, very good and kind people without any of the unnecessary fantasies and humiliating prayers. We can still have our Christmas and Easter, but we simply recognize them as the primitive, seasonal festivals that they are....

Jesus may or may not have existed, but who cares? He had some things to teach us, but so do philosophers and spiritual leaders from many cultures and religions....

Therefore, I now proclaim the transformation and commitment of the Catholic Church to a new, humanistic Christianity, one that honors, above all things, human dignity, human individuality, and human choice.... We are our own salvation, my brothers and sisters; only we can save ourselves. This is my message to you today.

...My brothers and sisters, this is a new day for Catholicism. It’s a better day. We must, as the Bible instructs, “put away childish things” and go forward together, to create freedom, build brotherhood, make peace, and find the truth.

(Ellipses mine. Read the whole thing!)

This pope seems to be marketing himself as the Dalai Lama of Catholicism.  All warm and fuzzy and so nice.  I'm not buying it. 

I imagine there are doctrinal conservatives that are engaged in behind the scenes battles for supremacy - and that would explain why he is publically decrying fundamentalism.  It's a bass ackward way of showing his intent to prevail over them.

I just made that up, of course.   Despite being gay, I do not have inside tracks into the curia.

I have never been able to work out the conundrum of being moderately religious. Extremist religious views have to be simply more religious, which leads to the inevitable conclusion that fundamentalism is the only honest interpretation of the bible. Franky and the archbishop of Canterbury, in the light of this are heretics and don't deserve the appellation religious.

Medieval zealots and the self harming god-slaves of accurate biblical interpretation, carry out to the letter  the message that the bible sends out, and if people stray from that then they're not fundamentally religious.

But the Christian bible does support the more humanistic religious moderates... and it supports the zealots. Isn't self-contradiction fun? (That probably goes just as well for the Tanakh, and the Quran, and a number of other scriptures.)

Susan Blackmore posits (in a note in The Meme Machine) that that's perhaps precisely why the Bible has remained influential for some 1600 years: because people can use it to justify whatever they like!

It's a wake up call GC!!!!!!!!!

Never mind. True colors emerge again.


Apparently finding a way to bend church rules to allow divorced Catholics to receive communion is a more pressing concern for Pope Francis than the life-and-death issue of AIDS. The pope who has bent over backwards to find a “pastoral” solution to the problem of divorced Catholics showed no such compassion for those living with HIV/AIDS when asked on his return flight from his African visit if the church should change its prohibition on condom use given the continued spread of the virus.

Francis replied with an obtuse mixture of parable and exegesis that made it clear he saw little flexibility in the teaching

In other words according to Frankie, fundamentalism is bad, unless he's the one doing it. In that case, promoting a lie about condoms to the uneducated, based on fear and dishonesty (eternal hellfire), it's OK to proselytize something that is tantamount to first degree murder. Frankie! You're one helluva a sport!!

So once again, dogma and doctrine win out over human life.  In this regard, Frankie is no better than Joe the Rat, who shoved his Size 10s down his pie-hole with that ill-conceived pronouncement some years back.

It continues to astonish me that catholics don't get it: the hierarchy of the church really doesn't give a rotten dump about them, just the money they get and the guilt trips they can lay on.  Quality of life and well-being mean zilch to those fuckers.  I suppose it's the old "shepherds and sheep" equation all over again.

Merde, alors.

Beaucoup de merde


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