An ice cream ad that is apparently offensive to catholics has been banned, check out the story here. The company now plan to place prominent adverts along the route chosen for the Pope's visit to England!

I particularly like the company's statement that 'it wished to "comment on and question, using satire and gentle humour, the relevance and hypocrisy of religion and the attitudes of the church
to social issues".' Go Antonio Federici!

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As an advertising guy, I'm not sure I get the ad. I think there's a mental leap there that I'm just not making. As Todd Lappin says, if you have a choice between clever and clear, more often than not it's best to be clear.
You have to read the article about the ad, and the text that appeared with the photo:

"Text below the picture said 'immaculately conceived' and 'ice cream is our religion'."
That it stirs up talk and controversy is probably the advertiser's primary goal.
absolutely, but any publicity that features the phrase 'question the relevance and hypocrisy of religion' is good publicity in my book...
It reminds me of a Halloween party I went to in Greenville, SC, no less. Half, or more, of the guys were in drag, and one was a "pregnant nun." He pulled it off perfectly. I have a group photo of all of us, but I don't know how to attach it to this post....

Oh, wow! It worked! (I'm the one sitting on the floor in the front row...holding a toy leopard in my lap.)
Some great costumes there. I like the Betty Page/Jane to your right.
Her name was Jini Mount. Her husband was our MC/Vocalist. They introduced me to Tom Lehrer's recordings....

But Tim, on the far right edge of the photo, floored everyone. We were all very secretive about costume plans before the party, and when I walked in the room Tim was sitting quietly in a corner, prim-looking face, with his hands folded in his lap. My first thought was, "What's a nun doing here?!" I took a few heartbeats before I recognized him and howled. He never broke character till the party really began to swing.

The local newspaper had sent a reporter and photogrpher to the hotel to cover the party, and they took plenty of pix, but there never was a story or a photo in the paper. When we went to their office to see if we could at least get prints, we were told the negatives had been destroyed because, "...this is a family newspaper!" Yeah, right. And Greenville is the home of Bob Jones University. Gack!
Looks like a Halloween party well ahead of its day!
"There's no people like show people."
Ahh, that explains a lot.

So far my dating pool has been actors, musicians and starving artists. Not the most psychologically stable demographic, but A) neither am I and B) that's what makes them so much fun.
The 1959 Halloween party was in Greensboro, NC....I went as a toilet. Or, rather, as someone committing suicide via toilet.

Three of the boys bought high-fashion evening gowns at a charity thrift shop, cut the entire backs out of the dresses in such a way that they still looked very sophisticated from the front. They also wore good wigs, great makeup, and elegantly calligraphed signs that read "Modess....because." That ad was probably before your time.

I'm still in touch with some of the guys...the ones who are still alive. The ones I had the most fun with, and loved the most, were gay or bi.

I lost a lot of dear ones to AIDS. Partly because our oh-so-xian government didn't give a rat's patoot about it, as long as the only people who were dying were gay, or druggies.
I lost a lot of dear ones to AIDS. Partly because our oh-so-xian government didn't give a rat's patoot about it, as long as the only people who were dying were gay, or druggies.

Ugh. That is not before my time. I remember following the AIDS epidemic in the 80s with absolute horror; even worse than imagining it becoming the black-plague of our time (which it really looked like it would go that out of control), but worse was the non-response due to it being perceived as the gay disease.




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