An ice cream ad that is apparently offensive to catholics has been banned, check out the story here. The company now plan to place prominent adverts along the route chosen for the Pope's visit to England!

I particularly like the company's statement that 'it wished to "comment on and question, using satire and gentle humour, the relevance and hypocrisy of religion and the attitudes of the church
to social issues".' Go Antonio Federici!

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Right. He attended nothing but Catholic schools through 12th grade, so he got the "habit" and the facial expressions just right. I think he dumped the religion early on during the train trip from Los Angeles to Minot, ND, where we rehearsed. If not before. I don't recall him ever going to a church once he left home. Neither did I.

*...hey no drinks in the pic...*

That photo was taken almost as soon as we all hit that of the other skaters (the guy in the raggedy hobo costume) was an excellent photographer, and he set his camera on a tripod with a timer, and jumped into the group just in time. I have a few smaller shots taken later in the party...plenty of glasses and beer bottles in people's hands.

And...I had only just turned 18 the week before....didn't have a fake ID yet. About 2/3 of the chorus line was under 21...the company preferred to hire us when we were young and stupid, that way they could get away with paying us in peanuts and cheese sandwiches.
I want to try atheist ice cream... I bet it tastes delicious.

Nice pictures Sk8eycat!
Thanks....I'm in the process of scanning all my scrapbook pix before they deteriorate completly.

And I would like to try some "Atheist Ice Cream," too. Or any ice cream made by a company that has the courage and wit to attempt this kind of advertising. If Baskin Robbins or any other retailer were to offer the public a giggle at the expense of religious nonsense, they would probably be boycotted, picketed, and...I'm

A person has to have a brain to appreciate the humor in that ad.
Title(s) for that ad:

"Nun of Your Business" ...or... "Nun of Your Lip" ....or... "Nun of the Above"

[ducks and runs out of the room]
The real question, of course, is why the advertisers decided that an open attack on religion, and Catholicism in particular, would be a worthwhile marketing ploy... assuming these guys have some common sense and basis in market research, it suggests that
a) there are a lot of secularly-inclined ice cream eaters out there (and by 'there' I mean 'here');
b) the target audience will approve of a dig at Catholics, Catholicism not being at the all-time high point in popularity at the moment (and certainly not in England)
- perhaps they figured out that Catholics weren't buying their product anyway, so decided to roll with it?




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