Yesterday (Oct. 13) on his radio program, American Family Association spokesman, Bryan Fischer claimed Muslims were responsible for slavery in America. Today, he followed up on the theme by saying that the Tea Party was responsible for ending it. Here's a transcript of today's remarks (you can hear them in the video at left as well):


So the people who brought slavery to an end, the Tea Partiers, evangelicals; they are the ones; that's the type of American that brought slavery to an end. Why? Because we rejected Sharia law and its legitimization of slavery and we said, "look. uh, slavery, the slave trade is wrong. It is pernicious. It's wicked. It's evil for people to be bought and sold like that; like chattel. It's a horrible offense against God and against His law." It was evangelical Christians that led the drive to abolish slavery. Don't ever forget that. That's a moment for which we, the evangelicals of the church of Jesus Christ can be justly and rightly proud. Don't let anybody take you away from that. The credit for the abolition of slavery goes to evangelical Christians.


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AFA spokesman, Bryan Fischer.


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Heh heh heh heh.  Jeeze, I don't even know where to begin, with a statement that stupid.
Next the Tea Party will claim credit for inventing writing, or perhaps control of fire.
Okay, my knowledge of American history isn't as solid as my British history, but I am very confident in saying that this man is completely insane and spouting more bullshit than I can think up. He isn't even getting close to reality anymore... than again, for as long as I have heard anything coming from his mouth he wasn't ever close to reality.
Heh.  Yeah, that one would be awesome.

American christians are in full big-lie status.  They will make any claim to honor themselves, make any claim to dishonor others.  They claim to have ended slavery, when in reality slavery was strongly supported and encouraged by christians, and they used the bible to support the practice.  Which it does, overwhelmingly.  muslims too, but how many muslims were growng tobacco and cotton and peanuts in Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas? 


American Christians = "big lie", they are the Orwellian version of this century.  They are like modern Stalinists, but without the power that Stalin had.  Yet.  Michelle Bachmann is another example.  There should be a term like "newspeak" - maybe "christianspeak".  

And people made fun or Gore when he claimed to have invented the internet.
So the tea party, despite thinking that slaves were better off during slavery than they are now, ended slavery.
That shows how christian they are.  Or were.  Despite the bible supporting slavery and churches promoting it, and being better off as slaves, the tea party freed them so that they could become better christians.  Being better off is not always the route to heaven.


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