Alaska Airlines ending 30-year-long prayer card service

That's the good news.  The bad news is that we may now have to endure another rant from Sarah Palin.

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I'm glad they are ending their prayer card service.  One the article notes is the airline had received many complaints about the cards, and sited that as a reason for stopping them.  Complaining about theist intrusion can have a positive benefit.  


The other thing is that since the cards went with meal trays, and those were just in 1st class, the coach travelers did not get prayers.  First class got you a prayer, but coach did not. I don't think Jesus would approve.

Hard to believe this practice continued for as long as it did.  I can certainly imagine that Alaska Airlines received many complaints!  I know if I worked there and had to serve meal trays with a prayer card to my first class passengers I'd be embarrassed.  I probably would have taken the initiative of removing them from the tray before the service and repeatedly complaining to my employer.  But then, I'm just a mean 'ole atheist with absolutely no moral compass. 

On a semi-related topic, and as a flight attendant myself, I can tell you that airplanes are much like motel/hotel rooms.  Every plane, at least at my airline, has a bible on board.  Thank goodness I've never been in a situation at work where someone thought it needed to be used.  

And on one more semi-related travel topic, this past September I was on vacation staying at a Crown Plaza in Los Angeles with my best friend.  We were enjoying breakfast one morning in the hotel restaurant and realized that the music playing over the sound system there and in the lobby was Xtian rock music!  There's nothing like "praise and sanctify Him" and "lift your heart up to Him" over eggs and bacon in the morning.    


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