HOUSTON, TX – America’s top secret UFO investigative agency has discovered powerful proof that extraterrestrials believe in God… an alien bible found in a wrecked starship!

The 132-page, book-like document, printed in symbols representing a mathematical code, is made of an unknown metallic fiber that is impervious to fire or weather and cannot be cut or torn. Its contents are strikingly similar to many elements of the Christian Bible.


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It must be true! I is converted!!!
I've heard of this before. I guess we were wrong.
YES!!! The return of the World Weekly News! Oh sure, you can believe rags like the Post or the Times if you like, they occasionally get a story, but the real investigative journalists will always work here.
Haven't read it yet, but let me guess: The supernatural metallic material is conveniently unavailable for independent testing.

Doesn't matter. I'm totally convinced because like Joseph Smith's story, why would someone make something like that up? I mean, just because the bible makes no mention of dinosaurs or space aliens doesn't mean Palestine wasn't crawling with them.
It's the manual for the suit in 'The Greatest American Hero'! He'll be relieved that it's finally been found. As we all recall, I'm sure, from the historical documents, it was lost when he shrunk himself and put the book down on a grain of sand but forgot to pick it up again when he un-shrunk himself. I saw this on TV so it must have all been true (he said, being credulous about any-f^(#ing-thing).

14 commandments, presumably they have 14 fingers and thumbs... I'm surprised that Moses didn't come up with 11 commandments given that he wandered off inexplicably by himself for days. It's a sticky, sticky world.
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