I thought I'd share this BBC article about the new Liquefaction Unit .


I've always regretted that the only possiblites offered for exiting the stage, were tightly linked to religions. (cremation, coffins ...)

This liquefaction unit seems to be more ecological, and could please the atheists, as it is more of a raw return to nature, whereas cremation has kept a very strong religious link.


But I do admit I'd still prefer being fed to the lions.


Edit: fixed link, sorry, one too many slashes.

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I'm getting a 404 error when I try to click your link.
Me too. Too bad. The title makes it sound like they turn the corpse into a milkshake.
I always liked the Parsee vulture-towers, even if they are a religion.
Ours is a much more populous society and there aren't enough vultures around to serve the demand. Perhaps we could use something similar to fill the gap; something we have an overabundance of; like lawyers.
The largest population of Parsee (Zoroastrians) is in Bombay – they ran into some objections when the vultures started dropped body parts around the city.
Im a bad person.  For some reason this made me laugh.
I had a few giggles about it as well



Just tan me hide when I'm dead, Fred...


The muslims have the right idea on this one ! Just wrap the body in a sheet and bury it ! It will make the soil more furtile. No head-stones. No taking up valuable public land. We can re-invent the catacombs and throw in a budget 'no-frills' funeral service all done from your PC. There is a business oportunity here ! Go for it !


Some cemetery in CA does just that.  You can be buried in anything that doesn't impede decomposition, ie., sheet, blanket, cardboard box - even naked.  Embalming is not allowed.  There are no markers (you can be located only by GPS) and there is no landscaping, if I remember correctly.

There are green burial sites in several states in the US.




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