I thought I'd share this BBC article about the new Liquefaction Unit .


I've always regretted that the only possiblites offered for exiting the stage, were tightly linked to religions. (cremation, coffins ...)

This liquefaction unit seems to be more ecological, and could please the atheists, as it is more of a raw return to nature, whereas cremation has kept a very strong religious link.


But I do admit I'd still prefer being fed to the lions.


Edit: fixed link, sorry, one too many slashes.

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I get 404 too. I think the liquefaction is the same as used on bodies donated to research when they've been used.
Hell of a eulogy.

'Fred was a good man, caring, a loving husband and father...BUT WILL HE BLEND?'

*gag choke*


Heh, seriously, it took me about 3 minutes there to compose myself enough to hit the Reply button.

Such a sensitive guy.
You can do that too.  Leave your corpse to a body farm.

Not sure what those desintegration booths looked like. But what that swedish biologist in the articles proposes seems pretty close to that. Freeze in liquid nitrogen, and then vibrate into tiny pieces.

"Promession".. it's even got a cool name!


I don't want to be buried after I die. I don't want to be cremated either. I want to be blowed up.


"There he goes! That's him all over..."


Yes, George Carlin was my hero too. More seriously, I really could not care less what is done with the leftovers after I die. It's just meat. Nothing to do with me once I am no longer in there.

I think I would prefer the freeze drying and composting option then I could be reborn in a turnip.
If you are into root crops, you might consider a beet.  Then your epithet could read "And the beet goes on."


Oh, it's really hard not to laugh

When we make such a subtle gaff,

And get buried with a curse -

Or perhaps something worse:

An epithet as our epitaph.

I wonder if it would be possible to take back a bit of the liquified corpse in a jar... just as we would with the cinders in a vase.


I can't help imagining two jars on a shelf. One on which is written "Grandma's Raspberry Jam", and the other on which is just written "Grandma".




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