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Could you post another link to the story, Phil? All I get is an irritating 'Sign up for personalised google news' page.


I just checked and it worked. I then re-copied and re-posted the link and it worked again. Anyone else have trouble opening it?


PS: I just re-posted using a second source. Does this work?

Thanks yes, the second link worked for me. Cheers.

I wrote a blog about this issue maybe a year and some ago, so this doesn't surprise me that much.

What upsets me is the chutzpah of the church, publicly pulling crap like the condoms and AIDS pronouncement which they have been called on at least by the likes of Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry, but not to the point where they can be made to back down.

It's time that someone got confrontational with Vatican City about this BS and dragged them, forcibly if necessary, into the 21st century. Oh ... what? That might cause their demise? Ah, well, you can't make omelets without breaking eggs, I suppose....

One other "minor" problem is the silence of Ratzinger and his minions on the extremist, religiously motivated homophobia current on the African continent.  About half the nations of the continent either have the death penalty or some for imprisonment for members of the LGBT community.  Couple this with the prohibition against condom use, and you have an institution which, by commission and omission, promotes ignorance, misery and death.  Someone should bring them to the Hague in handcuffs and chains, and put those criminals on trial.

The Catholic Church has always worked well with other repressive and inhumane authorites. They pretty much avoided culpability for their partnerships during WW II.  

I'd give real money to see that day.  Question is: who has the cojones to actually DO it?

No deference or respect for the RCC. Publicize what they do and have done. Here's a piece of evidence for the connection, what they'd now call slander - a product of a joint venture:

YOU BET "no deference or respect for the RCC"!!!  The problem is that everyone's in a coma regarding what they do because of the societal exemption for religion.

I mean look - Jerry Sandusky messes with kids at PSU and Joe Pa and the prez's heads are on the table before you can blink. The RCC does the same crap WORLDWIDE, and the level of outrage isn't remotely comparable. What's Wrong With This Picture?!?

I like your title Phil - it's a parasite and it proliferates like a contagious disease - one that thrives on poverty. It's little wonder it's doing so well in Africa compared to Europe.

The notion of 'reverse missionaries' is, I hope, doomed to failure. The reason christianity is dying out in Europe is because we're growing beyond superstitious thinking. I don't think a bunch of missionaries touting an already discarded world view are going to meet with much success.

Thanks, Sandy. Not quite poetry but apt, I guess.

Yes, Latin America is already deeply depleted by Catholic Grace - but is showing signs of getting free of it. Africa, Haiti and the other wretched of the world are the natural host organisms.

Africa is the unfortunate recipient of lots of religious opportunism.  Catholics, Muslims, and Evangelicals.  It's a shame.




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