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I agree. I was  Jehovah's Witness for almost two decades, now a vocal apostate. I'm paying attention to their growth figures and it's obvious they are in serious decline in the 'first world'. However, like most proselytizing faiths, they are growing in Africa. Stranger still for this misogynistic belief system is that the majority of converts in the countries where they are growing are female. Religions that want to survive the stark decline in religiosity in their own countries will go towards Africa, where spiritism is still practiced today. Africa is literally steeped in the occult, and those who wish to blame their economic and social troubles on 'malign forces unseen' have a drooling, opportunistic Christendom to enable them in their scapegoating.

Lovely, and yet even the gentlest questions regarding religion or its activities can be more than inappropriate. Careers can be jeopardized and so the reports and studies are few. We can be considered perpetrators of hate crimes. That's in the West. It gets much uglier in many other places.  



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