Cease and desist from Anonymous to Westboro Baptist Church

I'm not how sure how legitimate this is, but it looks like Anonymous is going to target Westboro Baptist Church if they don't stop their hate campaigns.

I'm torn on this issue. I stand with Westboro in that they deserve their right to Free Speech as much as anyone else. But they are clearly evil, and a force for bigotry and nearly everything I stand against.

Is cheering on Anonymous hypocritical? I haven't made my mind up, so let's talk about it.





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on the issue of social invisibility:

yes its extreemly easy to be invisable. I personaly know several persons that are doing so. noSS#, no D.L., no traceable web identity.

the other poster that says its impossible is just plain wrong.

just because one person cant figure it out dosnt mean its impossible or even difficult.

You don't necessarily have to have a traceable web identity, but your activities can be traced to you physically.  It's usually more a matter of whether you're doing anything online to make someone think it's worth the bother of tracing you down.  Most people remain secure by not engaging in high-risk activity and not being interesting enough to bother with.

I'm reminded of an episode of Non-Prophets Radio where some idiot hacked their website to take down their stream during the show or take down their website or something.  Matt traced it back to the person who did it and got them dropped by their ISP.  He could have probably had legal charges brought, too, but I don't think he did that.


Actually no.  I remember when this was going on too, but it turned out the guy just had a malfunctioning computer, and he emailed them to apologize for it and stuff.  To my knowledge, he wasn't kicked from his ISP.


Matt even apologized, if I recall correctly, for calling him out for something he wasn't doing.


But your point stands, Matt easily tracked his ass down.

Heh, ah.  Was that on the blog or something?  I'm currently going through that year of The Non-Prophets, so if it was a few months down the line that they got it sorted out, I haven't gotten to it, yet.
It is in the show.  It is only a few shows from the initial event.  Sorry to ruin the surprise.
No worries.  It's from 5 year old episodes.  I'm not listening to them for big surprises.
In which said unknown individuals coordinate on a global scale as in Tunisia's example.

;latest(?) on ANON


this clarifies, I think the overall ANON positions.

it does not speak for ALL anon, like any other granfaloon.



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