There's a nice irony to this one. A South African newspaper published a cartoon of Muhammad lying on a psychiatrist's couch bewailing the fact that his followers have no sense of humour. You can guess what happened next.

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It does not just happen in religion, though. It can happen in totalitarian institutions too, because they hold something to be absolutely sacred and free of any commentary let alone criticism...
Muhammad lying on a psychiatrist's couch bewailing the fact that his followers have no sense of humour.

Awesome. Poetic.
Islamists wailing and bemoaning their prophet being lampooned in a cartoon which does no physical harm to anyone.

Typical. Tiresome.
I didn't see the cartoon pictured in the article. Could it be because CNN lacks guts?
If I recall, they didn't publish the original Muhammad-with-a-bomb-turban until someone else cracked the ice. Thing is, with that action, the "ice" became shavings, so WTF is the problem???
I repeat again - what is necessary is en masse publication of these things on every visible front page of everything simultaneously. Lather, rinse, repeat. Teach the spoilt child that their tantrum will achieve nothing. The continued reluctance to do so is repugnant moral cowardice and merely allows this idiocy to continue.
Thanks for posting it. That's my first view of the actual cartoon. Love the way he's depicted as consulting a shrink in heaven.
Cut - Paste ... Thanks!

I wonder if, between the bomb-turban cartoon and now ol' Mo with the shrink, plus the effect of Everyone Draw Mohammed Day that things MAY start to loosen up, at least from the cartoonists' side regarding publishing material like this. I don't expect the whiners to grow up, but I hope that those who do this kind of work will develop sufficient chutzpah to continue to do so without hesitation in the future and that news publications won't hesitate to put them up.
Nice one! The best cartoons/depictions were the ones that actually said something, like this one. Once again...Muslims responding with violence when someone mentions they're violent, Muslims responding with offense and accusations of hate crimes to cartoons that mention their lack of sense of humor...



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