I like the really hot ones that have sex with their students better though:  http://www.wavy.com/dpp/news/local_news/norfolk/teacher-anoints-stu...



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But we need to think of the children. They must be anointed so they can meet god properly, right? Man, that would never have flown by the students him my school. I know many students who would have just up and left the classroom right then and there. Yes, in grade 5. Then again, I had a friend who chucked a chair at the principal. Or was that the teacher... he got into trouble a bit. Very vocal guy.
Rubbing them with oil where? Ah, in the classroom !
Well ya, rubbing them with oil in the bedroom is much too forward. You need to work up to that one.
I was wondering about that. I think usually they anoint their head...yuck. Getting their hair all greasy.


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