This might have already appeared on this site, but redundancy is better than no information. has screwed this up very badly. Please check out the video and then go to and click on help and click on contact and send them an email. Mirror this or make your own video to get this information around.

Link to download this video:

Go here to contact via email:

Blog entry with letter to Amazon on it:


Letter to Amazon:

I wish to bring an urgent matter to your attention. The "Origin of Species" with a foreword by Ray Comfort (ISBN-13: 978-0882709192) is sharing ratings with the more popular and legitimate version. Please correct this as soon as possible and save the internet from Ray Comfort's creationist propaganda.

Thank you for your attention.

- (your username or name here)

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It looks to me like Amazon has now corrected the problem. The Ray Comfort version is now loaded with customer reviews that serve as warnings as to its propaganda.

I'm curious how such an intro was allowed by the publisher to be attached to the book in the first place?
Origin of Species is now in the public domain.
I am reminded of an episode of Night Cort. In the episode Bull pays someone money to print his book we can only hope that Ray Comfort has worse luck then Bull. Just think even if he paid $1 per book he maybe out $50,000 :))
The customer tags are funny:

misinformation (85)
fraud (84)
dishonesty (80)
bananaman (58)
liar (57)
propaganda (7)
lies (5)
banana man (3)
anti-science (2)
banana (2)
creationist lies (2)
disinformation (2)
pseudo science (2)
pseudo-science (2)
unintelligent design (2)
willful ignorance (2)
angry (1)
ant-science (1)
antiscience (1)
banana for brains (1)
banana porn (1) [LOL!]
bs (1)
childish (1)
christian lies (1)
creationism intelligent design manipulative (1)
deception (1)
delusional (1)
dishonest (1)
evolution denial (1)
false (1)
fraud bananaman (1)
idiot (1)
ignorant (1)
liars (1)
lie (1)
lying for jesus (1)
misclassification (1)
misrepresentation (1)
moron (1)
not original version (1)
of (1)
on the origin of species (1)
parasite (1)
petty desperation (1)
pseduo-science (1)
strawman (1)
theft by deception (1)
toilet paper (1)
turd sandwich (1)

Cut out the unfunny ones.
Thanks today I learned you can't have more than 15 tags on amazon. Sales Rank: #7,278 in Books... how can that be?




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