Anti-gay laws in Africa are product of American religious exports

A homosexual couple in Malawi have recently been sentenced to 14 years' hard labour. Meanwhile,  an Anglican priest from Zambia working in a Massachusetts-based think tank has just published the results of a 16-month investigation from which he concludes that Africa's anti-gay crackdowns are due in large part to campaigning by American evangelicals.

"We are not dismissing the fact that some of the money they send for Africa is going to good use. What we are concerned about is that the people who receive it are being trained in a conservative ideology. It will be like, ‘If I give you this, you must dance to my tune’.”

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Absolutely shameful. I wonder if even the anti-gay population in the U.S. would feel differently if this were Fundamentalist Muslims encouraging these laws?
Good point, Jo.
I bet some of them would, or at least they are angrier that it's Christians. This whole thing got me thinking that Christianity is gaining on Islam in the field of present-day atrocities.

They don't have an audience in America, so they go somewhere else and spread hysteria. I had thought at least the people must have already been homophobic, although one person in the article said that they were accepted just fine in previous years.
Apparently, the evangelicals in the US think that if they can't get any traction for their malarkey in the US, then sow the seeds where there is less scrutiny, more ignorance, and more fertile field for development of their agenda.

This needs to be in the media and exposed NOW, and those driving this agenda called to task for it.




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