Police say weapons found [SIC] church intruders vehicle (link)

How much I trust news stories that can't make a sensible headline is an issue, but it appears that someone was about to attack a Catholic church in North Dakota. He had a bunch of weapons and anti-government writings in his vehicle. Who wants to take a guess at this person's religion and political leanings?

Okay, don't really guess, but if you can find more information please share!

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Is this him?

If so, I guess he's Catholic.
An anti-atheist Catholic? Wow, I actually wasn't expecting that...

Did you just search the name?
No, I searched his name along with catholic and attack, and that thread was the first link.
Should check the link in his post .sig -

Wow, he really loves McCarthy...
Wow, if that is the same guy then I really don't think he was ever sane. The more I read of his postings the more I feel this guy is very paranoid and just getting worse.




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