Are Christian Fundamentalists Teaching Genocide in Our Schools?

This fall, more than 100,000 American public school children, ranging in age from four to 12, are scheduled to receive instruction in the lessons of Saul and the Amalekites in the comfort of their own public school classrooms. The instruction, which features in the second week of a weekly "Bible study" course, will come from the Good News Club, an after-school program sponsored by a group called the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF). The aim of the CEF is to convert young children to a fundamentalist form of the Christian faith and recruit their peers to the club.

There are now over 3,200 clubs in public elementary schools, up more than sevenfold since the 2001 supreme court decision, Good News Club v Milford Central School, effectively required schools to include such clubs in their after-school programming.


If you're not familiar with this story, I'll give you a little backstory. God asked saul to kill all of the Amalekites for their nonbelief. All of them. The men, women, children, goats, sheep, everything. He left their king alive and saved some of the livestock for himself and his family, and God was pissed.

For some reason, student Xtian groups are allowed, required even, to have bible studies as after-school programs in public schools. Why is this okay? I will never know.

Anyhow, read more by clicking the link I supplied above.

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Is it time to place a call to the Freedom From Religion Foundation YET AGAIN?!?




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