"Male and female 'practitioners' working at the Temple were performing sexual acts in exchange for monetary 'donations,' all on the pretense of providing 'neo tantric' healing therapies," Phoenix police said.

A clever use of religious tax exempt status, eh!


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Ho.  Lee.  Shit.  What religion is this church?
Ha ha.  thanks for sharing.
Does not surprise me.
They were just returning to prostitution's historical roots as a temple service.
Right, Sean. The first recorded prostitute was Samhat, temple pro in the Gilgamesh epic, which is itself the world's oldest surviving work of literature. It's quite possible that the world's oldest profession is priest.

Did any of you read the comments/replies at the end of that CNN article?

I don't like what some Christians are posting there. Here is one of the comments that I copied from there and pasted here:



"So now atheists are breaking into churches and running prost.itution rings? What will they do next?"



Christians and their comments really annoy me. :(


I used to worship at the Y regularly but I didn't realize that it could be called a church..   I did see the "pulpit" though.....   Does that mean I can't be an Atheist? <grin>

Seriously, why can it not be a church, look at all the other silly ones out there, what is the difference whether you pray to some Gawd than causes you pain or to the little man in the boat.  I believe that the little man in the boat answers more prayers than the bearded one that no one can see does.


Just this old Chief's 2 cents

Because you can take someone's money to sell them water and call it homeopathy, and you can take someone's money and give them a cracker and call it zombie Jew flesh, but give someone something they actually can use for their money? 

Your ass is going to jail.  Can't have you doing something the Zombie Jew crowd is against.

Yes, they love to make nontheist look bad. And everything "bad" that happens in the world, it's the Atheists fault, that's what they always say; they even love blaming on us for their own mistakes.

hay, what the fuck happened to "freedom of religion"?!?!?

I want to start a branch of that church in my city!

in a penn&teller episode of "bullshit" they highlighted a tantric sex teacher in ..get this....MAUI.

look it up. the guy is a total whack job that just likes to fuck. but its legit aperantley to teach it.

in maui at least. so why not a "fucking church".

"hay..Im' goin down to the fucking church"...."not without your holy condoms and holy underwear you dont..."

and of course you would have to prostlatize to get others in on it.

"hmmmmm.....so thats what hookers are for....."

wow...except for any metaphysical bullshit....I am all on board this one!


Must have been really hard to find officers who would work a gruelling 6 month investigation undercover in a house of prostitution.  They deserve a medal.


This should be legal - drug-based churches are.  Maybe they should take it to the supreme court.  It's in the name of their religion.




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