Arkansas society of freethinkers victory short lived for winter solstice display at capitol

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Yay for Arkansas bigotry against non-Christians! Thank you Southern states for once again pointing out that non-Christians are second-class citizens in the USA once again. I was getting a little uppity lately and thinking I was equal to all the Christians out there, but I'm sure glad I got put in my place.

In other news, I'd gladly spit at these people's feet for this.
Stephan, you crack me up.
This statement jumped out at me:

“I’m not speaking just from a private belief, but I’m speaking for the district I represent, the people … that are upset, dismayed, angry and actually fearful,” he said.

First, Constitutional rights are never up for popular vote, you asshole. Second, they're actually fearful? Of what? What is actually scary about that display that, to me, looked like a fancy outhouse? Seriously.
I think the idea that an Atheist display is 'scary' says more about the state of Christianity than anything. Just how weak must your religion be that an outhouse-shaped plaque with names of people most of your kids have never heard of can threaten it?
The fearful bullshit is exactly why the display needs to be put up. Fearful of the "other" equals xenophobia and that rapidly bring wars on.
I think they are legitimately scared...of losing their position as the privileged class in the United States. Soon, they'll be on an equal playing field and have to compete in the marketplace of ideas...they SHOULD be scared.




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