Subodh Kerkar, 49, said extremists had threatened to chop off his fingers for producing the sketches, which also show the elephant-headed god performing a Maori dance, walking naked carrying a garden rake, and in the pose of Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker.


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"threatened to chop off his fingers for producing the sketches" compared to muslim extremist, this is down right kindly.
Goa is led by and rife with Hindu extremists which is the reason why he got such a reaction.

Most Indians aren't that sensitive about stuff like this.

We can always count on the religious extremists of any religion to be the one's to threaten anyone who disagrees with them.
Good to see the Hindus jumping on the "I'm offended" bandwagon and threatening violence as a rightful response to an insult.

I wished I could have committed acts of violence against those that insulted me in school, but I was 12 and didn't know any better. Perhaps one day they will grow up as well. Don't they know one good insult deserves another?
We are from Konkan region, Coastal Goa, Coastal Maharastra and Coastal Karnataka.
The people there speak, its common to use the word I will hit you, chop you.....
But in general they are peaceful. They just speak, but dont do it.
Might be some wacko hindu fundamentalist might come with an idea of emulating others, and threatened this artist. But its evident that this fundamentalist has no balls to commit such acts.
By the way it would be interesting to know wheather the God had the ball sac of humans or of an elephant lol!!

The fundamentalists should stop all this shit and look at Khajurao, Ajanta, Ellora Caves:-
In this video they have a nude sculpture of Ganesha too.
Our ancestors made a nude Ganesha long before the artist painted him nude, and my advice to hindu fundamentalists is to visit Khajurao, Ajanta, Ellora, read Kamasutra, before proclaiming themselves as guardians of hinduism.
At the end of this video u can see Ganesha Nude.
You've made an excellent point here Rohan. I hope you don't mind if I post your response on another news group that I'm on with the video.
Sure Trance.
If we can highlight the liberalism message of our ancestors, we will be able to conteract the hindu fundamentalists and get Indians back on the liberal track once again.
We were also impressed by some of the posts by ashish where he mentions about Chandra Gupta.
I agree!

I'll look at Ashish's posts too.

It doesn't matter which brand of retardation one falls for, eventually you'll want to cut someone's fingers off.
Here are the original pics which the artist drew about Ganesha.

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