I remember a long time ago that an asteroid named "KEHOTEK" (?) came close to earth. pink floyd did a concert and everyone thought it was going to be a major earth wide catastophy.



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It's a sign o' the end times!
I guess the Mayan calendar was a little off. That's pretty decent accuracy, though, amirite?


I remember Comet Kahoutek. There was a big build-up in the media over its close approach and then it passed by on it's merry way around the Sun and the newspapers that tried to excite everyone about it ended up wrapping fish or lining the bottom of bird cages.

Didn't Apophis set an asteroid on a collision course with Earth in Stargate SG-1?  He was a fake Egyptian god...

does anyone happen to have a bootleg copy of that pink floyd  "concert for Kahoutek".?

does anyone remember anything from that far back?  ;)

Apophis: The Asteroid That Could Smash Into the Earth on April 13th, 2036

Apophis is an asteroid with a slightly offset orbit to that of Earth's. Discovered in June 2004, astronomers have determined that it will make a very close flyby on Friday, April 13th, 2029, where it will pass to within 5 Earth diameters of us. The exact path the asteroid follows on flyby in 2029 will determine whether it smashes into the Earth seven years later.


Wow - 5 earth diameters is close.

Does anybody remember Velikovsky's book Worlds in Collision? If I remember rightly, his hypothesis was that Venus was originally an asteroid that came swinging around earth before getting caught in the sun's gravitational pull. It supposedly caused massive tidal waves, which he said were the basis of the biblical story of the Flood and of similar myths from other parts of the world.

Those old stories are cool, even if they are myth.  I love the old "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and Shangri-La stories in the same way.

I've got the book sitting about 3 feet away from me right now, actually.  I made several attempts to get through it, but its just too painful.  He had such a grossly over-inflated writing style.  I felt like I was reading Saturday morning cartoons from the 80's.




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