People are just wondering who's face is it... some say it's Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Zeus, but Christians are saying it's the face of God and that it's a sign of the endtimes. According to them, "judgment day" is near.


Astonishing video shows a face in the clouds


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And here I thought we might have gotten this out of our system back in May. Silly of me, really.
Not seeing the references to the end of times, in that article . I just looked at it. Did they change it maybe?

Joseph, it's my fault that I failed to mention/write that those Christians comments are in the discussion and comments section at the very end of the article. Sorry!



Ohhhhh, I didn't even read those. They're so rarely worth the effort. So, at least it was probably someone joking around.

There are about 4 pages with comments. I read many of them and I really enjoyed the Atheists replies refuting the Christian comments. Even when I have said to myself, no, I'm not going to waste my time reading the discussion comments..., I just can't help it, and I end up reading them.


I am glad that most people are not seeing Jesus Christ.
Ma'am, you win the thread.
I agree.
I didn't see Lord Voldemort. With those bushy sideburns it looked to me more like President Chester A. Arthur. Huzzah!
That...actually looks more like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, seen from behind.


Blank.  Everytime my face shows up, they photoshop it out.  F---!

With the mouth opening like that I cast my vote for the Zoltar machine Guy from Big with Tom Hanks.


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