People are just wondering who's face is it... some say it's Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Zeus, but Christians are saying it's the face of God and that it's a sign of the endtimes. According to them, "judgment day" is near.


Astonishing video shows a face in the clouds


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I don't want to be or sound irreverent (in case there's a Christian reading this) but your comment has made me laugh, it's so funny. And what you said is true:  "If we're made in his image, god's cloudy butthole should be equally as worshiped as his cloudy face."

Atheist Nexus only permits membership to those willing to verify they're atheists. If a Christian's reading this, they've lied to get into the network so they've got no right to get pissy.
Yeah, and any atheist (I'm speaking to you, S. E. Cupp) who respects religion and thinks it should be held in some kind of esteem can go fuck herself.
Joseph P, who's S. E. Cupp? Is she a member of Atheist Nexus?

Lots of stuff about her, with videos, here:


She's a token atheist stooge for Fox News.  My bet is that she's a Christian capitalizing on the new atheist movement, who will be putting out a book about her conversion to evangelical Christianity in another year or two.

Thank you so much for the links! After watching the video where she is interviewed by Hannity, I'd say she is an opportunistic. I agree with you, I also think she is a Christian capitalizing on the new atheist movement.

Well, she talks like a Christian, she acts like a Christian, and she even looks like one of them (she reminds me of Sarah Palin). I can't stand Hannity, but now I don't know which one is worse...

I may have an answer for you, for which one is worse.  The whole facade could be Sean Hannity's brainchild.  This fits into his normal M.O.

Back a few years ago, he was on a show called Hannity and Colmes, which he structured as an opposed viewpoint sort of show.  He completely smashed the scale, though, by picking a very weak liberal to act as his counter.

Alan Colmes is a real liberal, but he's very soft-spoken and non-confrontational.  I like him more, now that he has his own radio show, but he was always overshadowed by Hannity's ballistic, rhetoric-heavy, fundamentalist-conservative ranting.


Hannity is doing the same thing here, creating an illusion of having an opposing viewpoint by holding up this AiNO as if she somehow represented the atheist movement.  Obviously, the real atheists won't be fooled, but that's not his point.  His objective is to reinforce the beliefs of his fundamentalist-Christian, ultra-conservative viewers.  It makes them enjoy his show, which gives him ratings.

I remember that show Hannity and Colmes, my husband used to watch it. I never liked Sean Hannity, he is a master of deception and an instigator, imo.
Funny -- Beevis and Butthead reference.  I like it.
That's really funny! LOL
Hey, on the drive home from the Chinese Buffet we clearly saw a smiling seahorse and later a laughing horse's head. That must mean the horse people of the sky are coming to save us from ourselves, if we only believe strongly enough in them. *snicker*
I once saw a cloud that looked like a Mickey Mouse glove giving the finger. Man, I'd wanted a camera handy that day. Was awesome! :D




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